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Hemp & Cannabis
in Food

An Immersion Program

September 17 - 18, 2019

Denver, CO


Laura MacPhail, President MacPhail & Associates, foodservice industry expert

Katie Thompson, hemp industry expert, former Director Product Development, Bluebird Botanticals

Kelley Fechner, Director Customer Solutions, Datassential

Ari Sherman, Founder, Evo Hemp, hemp-infused foods

Devin Jamroz, Founder/CEO, SteepFuze, hemp-infused coffee and tea

Justin J. Prochnow, Attorney, Greenberg Traurig, FDA practice

Max Montrose, Founder, Trichome Institute
Science, education, and certification in the cannabis industry, cannabis sommelier programs

Joseph DiVerdi, Associate Professor Chemistry, Colorado State University, flavor profiles and lexicons for hemp and cannabis, olfactory lexicon development

Lisa Dorfman, Certified Chef Nutritionist, Certified Culinary Medicine Specialist

Alexandra LittleJohn, Sales Director Wholesale, OXO Coffee Company

Carla Boyd, Owner, Hemp Way Foods

What to look for:

  • Hemp and cannabis industry overview

  • Current trends from Datassential

  • Menu items

  • Flavor profiles

  • Nutritional and wellness aspects

  • Plant proteins

  • Products and packaging

  • The research and science behind hemp and cannabis

  • Legal and FDA issues

  • Supplements: Alone, or as ingredients

  • Demographics: Who is the market?

  • Issues for food manufacturers/food developers, supply chain, and operators


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Foodservice Immersion

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An intensive three-day “boot camp” of operator and distributor site visits, frank Q&A sessions, one-on-one candid discussions, and insight into the major foodservice segments, getting you up-to-speed on the evolving world of the foodservice supply chain.

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Foodservice Immersion. 

Our innovative Foodservice Immersion training programs bring supplier clients directly into the world of the foodservice supply chain, in its many components. 

Foodservice Immersion's Core Programs
Intensive three-day “boot camp ” of operator and distributor site visits, frank Q&A sessions, one-on-one candid discussions, and insight into the major foodservice segments. It's a deep dive into the real world of the foodservice operator, and gets attendees up-to-speed on the increasingly complicated world of foodservice.  


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