Answering a Need

"At an industry conference, I spoke to some foodservice professionals who were seeking more information on the industry and, in particular, the operator community. Their companies had offered a little training, but not enough that they felt fully versed on the topic and confident in progressing their career and really succeeding at their job. They asked, 'How can I get up to speed on the industry as a whole and better understand our operator customers?'

This is the very question that sparked the creation of Foodservice Immersion, a focused, small-group foray into the real world of the foodservice operator that I started in 2008. 

Today, our Foodservice Immersion programs achieve the goal of getting foodservice professionals up-to-speed on the changing landscape of foodservice."

--Laura MacPhail, President Foodservice Immersion

I learned more in three days than I have in my entire time in foodservice.
— Foodservice Immersion attendee

See what our faculty and site hosts have to say about participating in Foodservice Immersion.

What You'll Learn and Experience at
Foodservice Immersion

  • Gain insight into your operator customers’ day-to-day operating and marketing challenges 
  • Explore the trends and flavors of tomorrow's foodservice
  • Understand the nuances and intricacies of the foodservice supply chain 
  • Get up-to-speed on the changing landscape of foodservice 
  • Find out what trends are affecting operators in real life 
  • Update your industry viewpoint 
  • Create relationships with customers, potential customers, and industry colleagues 
  • Generate ideas to take back to the organization
  • Understand how to develop product for, and sell to National Accounts
  • Reinvigorate your National Account selling program
  • Experience an intensive three-day training program
  • See how national brands are moving into the future
  • One-on-one Q&A with operators
  • Explore working kitchens
  • Understand first-hand how operators, brokers, and distributors work with each other.
  • Find out what health concerns are making a day-to-day impact
  • Discover the new role GPOs are assuming
  • Create enthusiasm and excitement about the industry
  • Build team cohesion (for those who have several attending from one company) 
  • Learn about contract management companies and how they work