Hemp & Cannabis in Food

Specialty Immersion Program

September 17 - 18, 2019

Denver, CO



Cannabis and hemp are big business! Get the information you need to get in on the fastest growing food and nutrition trends today, from CBD-infused foods and drinks, to manufacturing, to chef-driven hemp and cannabis menu items, and more. Cannabis and hemp are driving other industry changes, as well, with trends in packaging, marketing, and ancillary products (snacks and meals for munchies, protein sources, health focused products).

get ready for the future, now

Cannabis & Hemp in Food is an innovative program that provides current information on the cannabis and hemp industries, insights into the future of the industries, and shows you how you can utilize your new knowledge in a variety of applications.


Laura MacPhail, President MacPhail & Associates, foodservice industry expert

Katie Thompson, hemp industry expert, former Director Product Development, Bluebird Botanticals

Kelley Fechner, Director Customer Solutions, Datassential

Ari Sherman, Founder, Evo Hemp, hemp-infused foods

Devin Jamroz, Founder/CEO, SteepFuze, hemp-infused coffee and tea

Justin J. Prochnow, Attorney, Greenburg Traurig, FDA practice

Max Montrose, Founder, Trichome Institute
Science, education, and certification in the cannabis industry, cannabis sommelier programs

Joseph DiVerdi, Associate Professor Chemistry, Colorado State University, flavor profiles and lexicons for hemp and cannabis, olfactory lexicon development

What to look for:

  • Hemp and cannabis industry overview

  • Current trends from Datassential

  • Menu items

  • Flavor profiles

  • Nutritional and wellness aspects

  • Plant proteins

  • Products and packaging

  • The research and science behind hemp and cannabis

  • Legal and FDA issues

  • Supplements: Alone, or as ingredients

  • Demographics: Who is the market?

  • Issues for food manufacturers/food developers, supply chain, and operators

  • Speakers

  • Expert panel discussions

  • Lunch at Urban Farmer, with chef discussion, and a chance to try hemp menu items

  • Site visit: Grow facility

Invaluable insights:

  • Current data and research

  • Current and future trends

  • Menu impacts

  • Future projections

  • Go-to-market learnings

Who should attend Cannabis & Hemp in Food:

  • Innovation

  • New product developers

  • Marketers

  • Brand ambassadors

  • Culinary

  • Packaging

Hemp & Cannabis in Food is designed to convey best practices, up-to-date research, and valuable real-world lessons to marketing teams, innovation and R&D teams, insight and business development teams, food scientists, chefs and culinary teams, operations, and packaging teams. 

Regardless of whether you're a longtime culinary professionals or new to the industry, Cannabis & Hemp in Food could save you years of trial and error in this emerging field. 

Program schedule:

  • Tuesday, September 17: 10:30 am - 6:00 pm

  • Wednesday, September 18: 8:30 am - 4:00 pm

Registration Cost:
Pricing, per person, each program: $1,995

Expenses covered: 
Transportation will be provided to any site visits. You'll be responsible for getting back and forth from the airport, and for any evening plans you may have. We do not cover hotel expenses.

Meet-up Hotel:
Our meet-up hotel is the Hilton Garden Inn, in downtown Denver.

“This is cannabis in the digital age,” B.J. Carretta, CMO of MedMen told Time. “This isn’t about stoner culture.”
— Time magazine