Custom Foodservice Immersion Programs

A private Foodservice Immersion program tailored specifically for your company

Features of a custom Foodservice Immersion program:

  • A focused approach on only your company’s concerns
  • Target segments, ownership models, etc.
  • Ideal team-building experience
  • Perfect for training new associates, or those associates new to the foodservice industry
  • Sparks creative ideation 
  • Your program can be as long, or as short as you wish
  • Freedom to address proprietary company issues
  • Program options unique for your company
  • Customized to fit your needs

We address topics of interest to you and your company:

  • Purchasing decisions
  • Labor issues
  • New product evaluation
  • Performance metrics
  • Packaging, inventory, and storage
  • Operational challenges
  • Many, many more

Who benefits from Custom Foodservice Immersion?

One of the key advantages of a custom program is that it can be tailored to meet the needs of associates at all levels of the company, and from different departments.

  • Senior Executives
  • Culinary / R&D, Food Scientists, Packaging Engineers, Operations
  • Sales
  • Innovation Team Members
  • Marketing
  • Customer Insights
  • Analysts / Planners
  • Anyone New to Foodservice

Team building opportunity: 

Learn "what peers really do"

Get to know:

  • Your customers
  • Their challenges
  • Their pressures
  • How they make decisions

Learn about marketing to foodservice from seasoned industry professionals . . . in the context of “where the action is." 

Get a leg up on understanding the supply chain:

who does what, and how it all works.