Foodservice Immersion

Foodservice Immersion Core Programs

Foodservice Immersion is an in-depth and on-site introduction to the various segments of foodservice. We try to cover as many major foodservice segments as we can in a three-day period. For example, on one day we may start at a hospital, meeting with the director of foodservice. Then on to a high-volume independent restaurant, where we'll have lunch and meet with the owner. We may visit a fast food chain location, and perhaps a regional chain location. We might finish the day with a visit to a university and see their foodservice operations.

On the other days we would probably visit a large hotel, and meet with the executive chef, and a K-12 school and talk to the director of foodservice for that school district and/or the kitchen manager. We visit a large distribution center--we've been to Sysco, US Foods, and Perkins. At a couple of our stops we'll have a speaker or two, usually with a DSR and a broker. At each stop on our program we will have a chance for Q&A with the operator and staff, plus an extensive tour of their operation--sometimes even the loading docks. We have found our operators to be willing to speak very frankly and answer just about any question!

Registration Cost:
Pricing, per person, each program: $2,995
Pricing, for the second person from the same company, attending the same program: $2,695

Expenses covered: 
We will provide breakfast and lunch on the two full days, breakfast or lunch on the partial day, and snacks along the way. Transportation will be provided starting the first full day from our meet-up hotel, until the close of the program last day. You'll be responsible for getting back and forth from the airport, and for any evening plans you may have. We do not cover hotel expenses.

Our major goal is to give our attendees a crash course in real-life foodservice from the operator perspective. What are operators' needs, what are their businesses like, what problems and challenges do they encounter, what marketing programs and products work, and how different is each segment from the other?

Secondly, we aim to give our attendees an understanding of the realities of how their products move through the supply chain--from manufacturer through reps, brokers, distributors, etc., ending up with the operator.

In all cases, we have frank discussions with operators, distributors, and brokers about their businesses, how they work together, and how they collaborate with manufacturers. It all helps Foodservice Immersion attendees understand where trends come from; how products work (or don’t) in operators’ real-life world; what to consider in strategy development, packaging design, product development, and sales and marketing planning.

It's also an excellent opportunity to network and exchange ideas with your peers from other companies. We'll have two meals per day and numerous bus rides together, so it's a great time to not only pump Laura for information but also quiz fellow attendees. Speaking of which, Laura is an excellent mentor, and many people use the chance to pick her brains on a number of topics they are interested in or confused about.

You'll leave the program with a book full of targeted information and resources about the topics we'll have covered during our days together.

Foodservice Immersion is an eye-opening program, and all our attendees have been pleasantly tired, but grateful they got to attend. We keep it to a small group so that everyone has a chance to interact, be involved on the tours, and ask as many questions as they can.